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Casa Vacanze La Pergola is located in Scalvaia, an ancient village near the natural border of Farma river, between Siena and Grosseto, ten minutes from the Roman Abbey of San Galgano and 35 km from Siena. A real Heaven for nature lovers and for those who like peace and tranquillity: the village is entirely surrounded by woods and for that reason is well known amongst hunters and mushroom seekers, especially during autumn and winter.
The village's Poggio is the highest place on the hill, from there you can have a wonderful sight! On a side there is Monte Quoio, on the other there is Valle del Farma and the ancient village of Torniella, on the far distance you can see Monte Amiata.
The village's Giardino is on a hill in front of Poggio where there are a sports center.
The history of Scalvaia is linked to the history of Luriano as they said that "is located on a serpentine of hills form Monte di Boccheggiano, separated by the Merse Valley and the Farma River".
The legend said that the village took his name form the first woman who reach this hill, where she built her own family with lot of children, creating the Scalvaia village.
Scalvaia is also known for a high level handicraft, handed on in centuries by the Serragli family: they still craft wood folowing the ancient tuscany tradition. Ancient tradition handed on people who can listen and understand them, conserved until today thanks to the geographical isolation of the village.
Nowadays Scalvaia looks "suspended" in time, day after day, season after season.



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